Why Would You Renew Your Wedding Vows?

By renewing your wedding vows you are simply reaffirming your love and commitment to each other. There is no legal paperwork involved; it is just a fun way of having a reminder of your wedding day.

Some couples like to renew their vows on a specific anniversary such as 10 years, while others like to throw a party and renew annually. Another reason some couples renew their vows could be after a difficult time in their lives and to reassure one another that their relationship is still as strong as ever.

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Here are some simple vow renewal ideas to help you plan a celebration of your marriage.

Involve Your Family

You do not need a minister to officiate at this ceremony although you might want to use a celebrant to make the exchange of vows a little more authentic. You can however ask family members to lead the ceremony. Always try to involve your children as they will want to be involved. They could stand beside you while you exchange vows or if they are a little older offer a toast during the reception.

Make it a Surprise

Usually, the couple in question will plan the renewal ceremony together. A great way to celebrate this event though is to throw a surprise party for your partner. Sometimes an unrehearsed, spontaneous event is the best way to go and definitely the most romantic. If you prefer an event involving just the two of you include a surprise ceremony in a weekend away. This is a great option if you have not been married very long.

Hold it at Your Favourite Restaurant

You can hold the event anywhere you like, in church, at your favourite outdoor venue, or even in your own home. A good way to host the event without too much planning and at relatively little cost is to renew your vows at your favourite restaurant. If it was where you had your first date, try to recreate the scene.

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Wear Something from Your Wedding Day

Now you do not need to wear the suit or dress from your big day but some of the accessories such as the tie, jewelry or cuff links. Wear any item that your partner will recognize as being from your wedding day.

Upgrade Your Wedding Rings

You could simply (if possible) have the date of your vow renewal ceremony engraved onto your existing wedding rings or upgrade to new rings to help celebrate your renewal ceremony.

simple vow renewal ideas Involve Your Pets

OK, you cannot involve all pets, but if you have dogs or a dog then get your dog involved by having he or she carry your rings in a basket for when both of you renew your vows. To add to the occasion you could invite other guests to bring their dogs too.

Reminders of Your Original Wedding

Once the meal is completed at your vows renewal dinner and everyone is relaxed you could show them reminders of your original wedding either on a video or slideshow. You can include holiday pictures, pictures of your children as they have grown or the home you share together. You can then complete your vows renewal party with a cake, specially made for the occasion.

Photo Aisle Runner

Create your own aisle runner using a long strip of cloth and use iron-on transfers of key photos of your life together.

Sweet Treats for Your Guests

Offer your guests a small gift of sweet treats with the packaging branded with a reminder of your original wedding.

Spruce up Your Cake

Decorate the cake you have for your vows renewal with edible sprinkles of gold and include the same number of candles as the years you have been married.

Create Your Own Invites simple vow renewal ideas

With a computer and printer you can easily create your own invites to send to everyone you plan on inviting to your vows renewal ceremony. Another twist on this idea is to create your invites them send them out via email or social media.

Inexpensive Food Ideas

With a little icing you can easily decorate some cookies into Mr. and Mrs. and simply arrange the cookies on the tables as place settings. Another inexpensive food idea is to use cupcakes (homemade, cheaper still), you could use the cupcakes to make a tiered decoration as a table centerpiece.


When it comes to renewing your vows the ceremony can be as simple or as formal as you want it to be. The above ideas are to guide you in the direction you would like your own vows renewal ceremony to take. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to holding a ceremony such as this. Should you need additional information on how to renew your vows then the best advice you can get is from an expert celebrant such as Gwen Inglis.