Being a marriage celebrant certainly has its rewards. I get to dress up in beautiful clothes which I enjoy. I get to present in front of a group of friendly people which I also enjoy and I get to work with happy excited people which everyone would enjoy.
There is something special about being in the presence of a couple in love who are so bursting with love and happiness that they just have to share it with their family and friends.
One such couple I met is Melissa and Matt. Melissa and Matt met and fell in love. When Matt received notice he was to be transferred interstate for twelve months they decided to get married before he went. They married in the courtyard of their unit in the presence of a dozen or so of their close friends and family.
When Matt came back they felt they wanted to celebrate their love and commitment to each other all over again. They also wanted to share their happiness in a much more exuberant way. While they could not actually get married again they could renew (or re-affirm as we say in the trade) their vows.
And so they did.
This time they planned to have all the bells and whistles. They booked an up market venue for the reception. We prepared a special ceremony which included everything except the legal act of marriage. They invited a much wider range of family and friends and Melissa, looking as radiant as any bride, walked down the red carpet in a beautiful wedding gown with her three “bridesmaids” while rose petals were sprinkled in front of her to join Matt who was waiting with his “best man” and “groomsmen”.
It was magnificent.