Marriage Celebrant Brisbane

What are a Marriage Celebrant and a Civil Marriage Celebrant Brisbane?

In Australia, a civil marriage celebrant is authorized to conduct marriages anywhere within the country once they have been appointed by the Attorney General’s Department of the Australian Government. This authorization is in accordance with the Australian Government’s Marriage Act, 1961. In addition to being appointed, celebrants must continue with on-going annual professional development to ensure they continue to be highly trained and fully qualified.

There are codes of practice and strict laws surrounding marriage in Australia. In addition to the aforementioned Marriage Act, there are also the Marriage Regulations 1963 as well as the Celebrants Code of Practice that governs Civil Marriage Celebrants. The most recent changes to the regulations was the 2017 Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Act that saw significant changes in the definition of the word “marriage” when the words “a man and a woman” were replaced by “2 people.” This significant change to the law allowing monogamous same-sex marriages saw a large increase in the use of celebrants conducting marriage ceremonies to couples that had previously been denied this privilege.

Alternatives to traditional weddings marriage celebrant brisbane

We live in an age where there is an increasing need for alternatives to the traditional wedding conducted in a church. Although a celebrant can still conduct a traditional style wedding if that is what you would prefer. In today’s world there is an increase in marriages of different denominations, and as recent changes to the law regarding marriages of same-sex couple’s means some traditional weddings are not fully compliant to these changes in places of worship. Wedding celebrants have for a long time been more open to delivering a civil ceremony that is equal to a ceremony conducted in any denomination with the difference being the celebrant gives you what you would like in your ceremony. It can be a service full of emotion and sensitivity if that is what you wish or if you would prefer a much more casual ceremony of the joining of a couple in marriage.

A wedding using a marriage celebrant in Brisbane enables you to be creative. You can plan your wedding with the freedom to hold a customized ceremony that is tailored to be the wedding of your dreams. In addition to this a marriage celebrant can assist you with choosing a location for your marriage ceremony. Marriage ceremonies conducted by a celebrant can be held in a park or garden, on a beach or at a hotel. Maybe you would like to have a ceremony at your favourite sporting venue such as a golf club, on a boat or a tourist attraction. Marriage celebrants know several suitable locations and you will be surprised at some of the locations your celebrant may suggest.

In addition to the location, another thing to consider is the style of ceremony you would prefer. What would you prefer?

Would you and your partner like a formal, informal or even have a themed wedding ceremony. You can also include some religious content if you prefer, this could be the simple reading of your favourite prayer or hymn sung by those present at your ceremony. Marriage celebrants in Brisbane are able to work with or alongside a minister should you wish to have this included in your ceremony. As long as the minister approves you could include having the blessing of a religious minister in your marriage ceremony. A civil marriage celebrant in Brisbane will also advise you on how to complete all the legal documentation required for a marriage ceremony and the celebrant will ensure all the required paperwork is submitted correctly. You can read more about this in our special article on getting married in Queensland, click here

marriage celebrant brisbane What is the difference between a Civil Celebrant and a Celebrant?

A civil celebrant is authorized to solemnize weddings by the Attorney General’s Office. A celebrant is unable to conduct a wedding ceremony.

Do you think that couples today prefer to have the freedom to choose the type of wedding ceremony that best suits them as a couple?

Marriage Celebrants in Brisbane can conduct the ceremony to be as wild as the couple wishes or to be formal and similar to the traditional church wedding. That decision is entirely up to the wishes of the couple as it is their big day. Each ceremony conducted by a marriage celebrant in Brisbane is unique and conducted purely with that couple in mind.

On the day of their wedding ceremony they are there because they see their future together and the ceremony is them saying or confirming their commitment to each other through the longevity of marriage. A wedding ceremony through a marriage celebrant in Brisbane is a more fun way of showing this commitment by the celebration and acknowledgement that nothing is certain in the future and just to have fun now.