Civil Celebrant Brisbane

What is the role of a Civil Celebrant in Brisbane

Civil celebrants in Brisbane, Australia are permitted to conduct formal ceremonies, particularly weddings. They can also conduct naming ceremonies, renewals of wedding vows and funerals, although generally the majority of their work involves wedding ceremonies.

Is there a difference between a celebrant and a civil celebrant?

In Australia, a civil celebrant has the authority issued by the Attorney General’s Office to solemnise weddings. A standard celebrant however is not permitted to solemnise at a wedding.

What you can expect from a civil celebrant

At a wedding conducted by a civil celebrant you can expect to receive lots of tips and suggestions on how to fully plan the wedding ceremony and how to make the full day go as smoothly as possible. These suggestions can include making everything flow together and even tips on where and how to get the best photographs if you decide not use a professional wedding photographer. You will find the most sought after civil celebrants are very professional, personable and friendly people doing a job they love doing.

Why do we need a meeting before hiring a civil celebrant?

Jak Terry and Gwen civil celebrant Brisbane

Gwen Inglis in her role as Marriage Celebrant

Preferably, way before the wedding day the civil celebrant and the couple planning to marry will meet and conduct an initial yet informal meeting to go over the wedding plans. This will include the favoured dates, preferred times and possible locations. The celebrant can usually provide some alternative suggestions for locations unless the couple has already decided on their favoured venue spot. During this initial meeting any ideas you have about the wedding ceremony, the style of wedding, length of the service and any specific rituals you may like to be included to make your wedding into your personal unique occasion that best reflects you as a couple will be up for discussion. The civil celebrant is usually responsible for providing all the legal requirements connected with the registration of your wedding. As a couple you will have to provide the celebrant with the original documents of identification and legibility to marry. Read more about what is needed in Queensland here.

You may want to view the celebrant’s portfolio of previous weddings he or she has conducted, this may provide you with some needed ideas or additional inspiration of what you might like to include in your wedding ceremony.

How does the business relationship with a civil celebrant progress?

Once the initial meeting has been completed and all the relevant information has been provided the celebrant can then begin to write a ceremony that will be unique for your wedding. A civil celebrant should always provide you with regular ongoing communication which should include an initial draft of the planned ceremony and any updates to that of discussions if they are required so that all the ideas are finalised.

Shortly before the wedding day, if it is required, a rehearsal of the wedding can be conducted that includes all the wedding party so that on the big day the ceremony is conducted in a timely manner with an air of professionalism by all involved.

Once the ceremony is completed you should be presented with a beautiful reminder of the occasion in the form of a marriage certificate as well as a copy of your ceremony.

Types or Styles of Weddings Greg and Kylie with Gwen Civil Celebrant Brisbane

You could choose a civil wedding with a relaxed ceremony giving couples the freedom of choice to hold their wedding wherever, whenever and however they would prefer to choose.

Couples could opt for a fun and memorable personalised ceremony that can be enjoyable for all those in attendance. These types of wedding ceremony can be relaxed and fun, short and sweet, or if you prefer, heartfelt and symbolic. Whichever type of ceremony you choose, it’s your ceremony so hold it how you would prefer it to be.

A sign-n-seal legal only ceremony is a simple ceremony omitting most of the occasion surrounding a wedding that can be used to make your union official by solemnising your marriage. Other weddings or uses for needing a civil celebrant in Brisbane include weddings on a budget, mid-week weddings which are much more affordable than those held on the traditional busier times of a weekend as well as being much more relatively stress free occasions.

You can use a celebrant for renewal of vows ceremonies, same sex marriages, naming ceremonies or if you prefer to have a more relaxed wedding in a similar style to that offered by a registry office.


A civil celebrant in Brisbane gives you a very professional as well as a very personal ceremony that is unique to you as a couple. They can provide you with a relaxed service, one full of emotion and sensitivity, whatever you as a couple desires. You are free to be creative, with or without a religious denomination, it is tailored to fit your dreams as a couple, to define you as you begin your union together in marriage.