Same Sex Marriage Celebrant Brisbane

Celebrants in Brisbane that now offer same-sex weddings since the law was changed in December 2017 will all say that they have never been happier since this change has brought about marriage equality. Finally a same sex marriage celebrant Brisbane is able to help same sex couples have a magical day exchanging vows, celebrating their love and getting legally married!

Since the introduction of same-sex marriages in Australia many celebrants will tell you they have never been busier as many couples that were previously barred from getting married legally are now wasting no time in getting hitched.

Choosing Which Ceremony Option You Prefersame sex marriage celebrant

Equality has brought about a new variety of options for celebrants to preside over through their wedding ceremonies. Traditional gender specific roles are becoming obsolete as wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples are beginning to become more progressive, relevant and meaningful then some of these modern options are also being adopted for straight marriages.



The formal procedures around a same sex marriage are the same as for mixed marriages. Your same sex marriage celebrant Brisbane knows all the details and will make sure everything is handled ‘by the book’. Read about the steps that need to be taken on our page ‘Getting married in Qld’.

Arrival or Processional Options at same sex marriage weddings in Brisbane

Some of the exciting options you can choose from include:

Traditional: One partner waits at the top of the aisle as the second partner walks down the aisle towards them.

Alternative Option 1: Both partners walk down the aisle together. They can also be accompanied by their parent or parents or their wedding party.

Alternative Option 2: Both partners arrive via separate side aisles meet together in the middle. For this option the venue must be large enough to accommodate side aisles.

Alternative Option 3: the first partner is walked down the aisle by a parent/family member/ friend and joins the celebrant at the front. The second partner is then accompanied down the aisle to join the first partner.

Alternative Option 4: Both partners greet guests when they arrive then gather with the celebrant at the head of the ceremony area. The celebrant then asks for all guests to be seated. This option is a positive one for those that are nervous about walking down the aisle.

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The Wedding Party

The wedding party or you could call it your wedding squad can still be known as the bridal party when it is two brides getting married. However two grooms may prefer to be known as the groom’s party. One thing you will find with celebrants in Brisbane is that they can be creative with changing titles. It’s your day so choose what you like. You may like these options, Grooms-maids, Brides-men, Brides Babes or Brides Angels. You can deviate from ‘Best Man’ and elect several ‘Best Men,’ equally you can use alternative ‘Lady’ titles.

Where should you Both Stand?same sex marriage celebrant brisbane

You should decide in advance which side you would both prefer to stand on, you should then inform the celebrant of this decision so she/he can then usher the families to the correct side.

This is becoming less important to couples, quite often now the front row of each side is reserved for the closest family members and further back the celebrant can announce that guests can be seated freely on either side.

I now pronounce you…..

You should consider in advance how you wish to be introduced by the celebrant at the closing of the wedding ceremony.

Choose which of your last or family names you will both take.

Option 1

You can both keep the names you are currently using.

Option 2

You may like to double-barrel your names together; you just have to then decide whose is first.

Option 3

You can ask the celebrant to simply introduce you as ‘husband and husband’ or as ‘wife and wife.’ You can then decide which of the above options you prefer at a later date.

You do not have to change your last or family name when you marry and it is not automatically changed once you are married.

same sex marriage celebrant brisbane Conclusion

It is your big day so you should feel free to get as creative as you wish. Talk everything over with your celebrant during the planning stages of your same-sex wedding. Same sex marriage Celebrants Brisbane are experienced in their creativity and should you come up with a new idea they will do their utmost to make that work and to make your day a success and one that you will remember.

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